JHC's business areas are the conductive adhesive business, which is an electrical and electronic chemical material, and the industrial detergent business, which excludes environmentally regulated substances.

Conductive adhesive film business

Conductive adhesive film is used to connect electronic modules to a flexible circuit board (FPCB). Conductive adhesive film replaces conventional soldering process and has various functions such as shielding and heat dissipation. Industry The global market for conductive adhesive films is 8 trillion won.

Flexible circuit board (FPCB) is a very thin flexible flexible board. It has been growing rapidly as it is being used as a circuit board for cellular phones, cameras, notebooks, LCDs, wearables and autonomous vehicles.

JHC is one of the best quality companies to replace the products of Japanese companies that are exclusive to the conductive adhesive film market in the global market. In addition, we significantly improved the performance and workability of our competitors' products, and secured price competitiveness through localization of raw materials.

Eco-friendly detergent business

Cleaning is the foundation of all industrial sectors. A detergent is a cleaning agent used in an industrial dishwasher and a detergent that is used alone without the aid of a dishwasher to clean industrial products and equipment. The cleaning agent is classified according to the cleaning object and method.

TCE, which is used at low cost and strong washing power, is a fatal carcinogen and ozone-depleting substance. Industrial environment regulations are strengthened and businesses are turning to environmentally friendly detergents by prohibiting the use of harmful substances and environmentally regulated substances.

JHC has developed eco-friendly detergents that eliminate government-regulated substances and deliver them customized to domestic and overseas companies. JHC eco-friendly detergent has no fire hazard and metal corrosiveness, and has excellent cleaning power compared to competitors.