JHC aims to become the world's leading company in the field of nano chemical materials used in the electrical and electronics industry.

Corporate Vision

JHC is an eco-friendly chemical material company. We aim to become a company that is beneficial to nature and mankind by making universal chemical products that can be used in all industrial fields. JHC aims to become a global leader in the field of nanocomposites used in the electrical and electronics industries.

Corporate competence

JHC is a group of experts in the fields of chemistry, electricity, electronics, physics, etc., and is excellent in product planning and research and development. JHC cooperates with a number of domestic and overseas partners to commercialize and distribute products as well as a network of industry-specific laboratories for product development.

Company History

JHC began his chemistry research team in 2014. In 2016, we completed the development and quality verification of the conductive adhesive film product line and the environmentally friendly detergent product line. In 2017, we are expanding domestic and overseas clients and attracting investment.

Ideal Employee

JHC does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, academic background, or area of ​​origin except for the individual's ability to work. JHC believes that the development of individual members leads to the development of the company. I hope that JHC will be with the talented people who can grow continuously.