CEO Message

JHC thinks that employee happiness leads to customer satisfaction. We want to contribute to society with eco-friendly and smart chemical products.

We puts employees first.

The first reason for a company's existence is for the happiness of its employees and their families. It is already common in the analysis of overseas and domestic companies that the financial performance of companies with high employee satisfaction and their share prices are actually better. We are a company that thinks that value creation will come by itself if we create an environment where all employees can work excellently.

We makes eco-friendly chemical products.

Since the products used in daily life contain a large amount of harmful chemical substances, there is a growing interest in development of chemical raw materials harmless to the human body and design development. At the same time, product performance is expected to improve. We are a 'Green Chemistry' company that develops environmentally friendly chemicals that can improve safety or improve performance.

We makes multi-purpose smart chemicals.

Things The growth of the Internet and autonomous driving industry has led to the need for smaller and lighter electronic boards. FPCB is a PCB that uses a flexible insulating board to connect electronic components such as cameras, audio and displays. We are a company that develops smart film that can connect various electronic parts to FPCB and integrate various roles such as shielding and heat dissipation.