JHC provides customized R & D solutions and chemical manufacturing solutions for each customer with precise analysis and strict quality control.

Customized R & D

TCE, toluene and other substances harmful to human body and environmentally destructive materials. We conduct research and development of environmentally friendly detergents that are 100% government-controlled substances. JC provides alternative cleaning agent development solutions that can be put directly into the field to meet customer requirements.

1: 1 customized research and development by customer and purpose is possible, and safety, stability, and usability are based on technology and know-how. We concentrate our research power on product development and quality satisfaction that meets customers' needs, so customers can use them with confidence.

Chemical manufacturing and storage

JHC provides chemical manufacturing solutions with precise analysis and strict quality control. The chemical manufacturing solution achieves customer satisfaction by steadily providing the whole process of research, development, production and supply of the chemicals requested by the customer.

JHC has a factory established under the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act and the Toxic Chemicals Control Act and can manufacture and handle dangerous goods and toxic materials. According to customer's request, OEM, ODM production and storage of chemicals such as dangerous materials are possible.