Chemical Technology for the Environment

We are a Smart Chemical Technology company that develops environmentally friendly chemicals that can improve safety or improve performance.

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It is an isotropic conductive adhesive which is excellent in heat resistance by applying polyamide resin, and is able to replace CBF product.

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DuPont™ Riston® LDI7300 PHOTOPOLYMER FILM is a negative working, aqueous processable dry film photo-resist suitable for 355nm UV-LASER Direct imaging.

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It is an environmentally friendly detergent that can be used in place of TCE and toluene, and can be used 100% freely in government regulation.

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Cleaning and activation of foreign substances on the glass surface improves the cleanliness and hydrophilicity of the surface of the material, making it easy to adhere to the polymer coating.

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Customized R&D

1:1 customized research and development for each purpose is possible, and safety, stability, and usability are based on technology and know-how.

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Our Business

We boast the highest quality that can substitute Japanese companies' products that are exclusive to the global market of conductive adhesive films.

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Our Technology

We boast the development of polymer resin with excellent heat resistance and polyimide film technology applied to three or more layers of FCCL structure.

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