JHC's technical fields are high-quality resin synthesis technology of conductive adhesive and industrial detergent manufacturing technology that eliminates harmful substances.

Conductive adhesive core technology

High heat resistant adhesive film technology

Development of polymer resin with heat resistance superior to epoxy, urethane and acrylic resins. Alternative Polyimide Film Technology Applied to FCCL Structure with 3 or More Layers

Conductive adhesive film technology

Replacement of Conductive Adhesive Film in Japan (CBF-300 Substitute) technology in existing monopoly market by using blending technology and dispersion technology for high heat-resistant resin and metal filler

Eco-friendly cleaner core technology

Environment-friendly detergent development technology

Eco-friendly product development technology that replaces 100% government-regulated substances and excludes human health hazards

High-quality detergent development technology

High-quality product development technology that greatly improves metal corrosion and flammability when using detergent

Customized detergent development technology

Customized products needed by customers Rapid and accurate product development technology